Establish site in folder

Navigate to the folder where are your projects (such as /var/www/sites).

If you do not have Composer, follow the instructions in the Installing Yii section of the definitive guide to install it.

Alternative commands, depending on the server configuration and your access rights:

#composer if not installed globally, you can use this command
COMPOSER_HOME=.composer php composer.phar
# or use if composer installed globally
php yii
# or use (file yii must be executable)

1) Installation files

# Download latest version of composer
curl -sS | php

# Installing the base project SkeekS CMS
COMPOSER_HOME=.composer php composer.phar create-project --no-install --prefer-dist skeeks/app-basic
# Going into the project folder
# Download latest version of composer in project
curl -sS | php

# Extra plug-ins
COMPOSER_HOME=.composer php composer.phar global require fxp/composer-asset-plugin --no-plugins
# Enter your github api key in composer.json
# "github-oauth": {"":"3a941dde09e13c8fddddb75399106047b937fa9f"}
# Download dependency
COMPOSER_HOME=.composer php composer.phar install -o
# Run the command to initialize the project, the installer executable file and the necessary rights to the directory
php yii cms/init

2) Configuring the database

Edit the file to access the database, it is located at common/config/db.php

3) Installation of migrations

#Installation of ready-dump
php yii dbDumper/mysql/restore

4) Configuring the server

By default, your site opens at

On hostings are configured by default under the usual sites.

But it can be reconfigured (and even necessary) in detail about this here: Server Configuration (web-server)

5) Authorization system

Default management system is available at the following address (if desired, it can be reconfigured)

root (login)

skeeks (password)

6) Check the working environment (server settings)

If the installation process has been completed, but there are still not clear to you the error, it is likely that something is wrong is configured on the server.

To do so, download to /frontend/web/ and run the file to test environment. or (depends on item 4).

What is often not the case?

Settings php:

short_open_tag on

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