Release SkeekS CMS 2.0.4

Release SkeekS CMS 2.0.4
  • \ skeeks \ cms \ Captcha - added captcha cms
  • Changed stub image picker
  • Fixed bug saving related properties
  • Added captcha check action
  • Added check on the availability of hosting functions exec, system
  • Ability to set the minimum height of smart frames.
  • http://git.skeeks.com/skeeks/cms/issues/26 - Implement an element to select or download a file.
  • New helper sx.helpers.Request - convenient parsing, page parameters gett.
  • Information about the current version of the cms and yii framework has been added to the project update mechanism.
  • In the site control panel, the default fancybox is disabled.
  • The $ ckeditorCodeSnippetGeshi option is turned off by default in the visual editor.
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