Release SkeekS CMS 5.3.2 works with yii2

A few days ago (February 28), there was a small update from yii2 version

It basically fixed bugs, and made minor improvements, in fact, you can see this business here:

I was waiting for this update most of all, to fix bugs with page navigation. Now it works correctly.


Release SkeekS CMS 5.2.9 (Yii2 CMS) works with yii2 2.0.16

A few days ago, a full-fledged release of yii2 version 2.0.16 was released.

We adapted the cms components properly so that they would work with this version of the framework.


Demonstration of the installation of skeeks cms project in 5 minutes.

A quick demonstration of installing a project on skeeks cms via composer.


Release SkeekS CMS (Yii2 CMS) 5.0.0-alpha

We changed the version of SkeekS CMS to the 5th. Because much rewrote the internal architecture. And the versions of dependencies of various modules were fixed more strictly.

Moving to version 5 will require intervention in the project code. It is not enough to start updating dependencies through composer.

Now everything in the project and its components is configured through the composer settings!


Release SkeekS CMS (Yii2 CMS) 4.0.4

The url transliteration has been rewritten and now uses this solution It is fully consistent with the rules of yandex.

Improved filters in the admin panel.


Release SkeekS CMS (Yii2 CMS) 4.0.3

Starting from this release, the composer plugin is used to configure modules and components of cms (

Compatibility with non-updated versions of modules remained. But starting from the next can be broken.


Updating the structure of the project V3Project

From today, we support more centralized management of project updates integrated with V3Project.

For this, a special base module project was created.


Release SkeekS CMS (Yii2 CMS) 4.0.2

Most recently, the yii2 framework has been updated to version 2.0.13. (
The main thing I had to work with was the compatibility update with jquery 3. And there are also some nice improvements.


Creating a site on SkeekS CMS integrated with v3project (screencast)

A series of screencasts on the process of creating an online store based on SkeekS CMS integrated with the order processing system v3project


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