Updates to seo components and form designer.

Updates to seo components and form designer.

Recently, we are updating a lot of components. But few announce about changes in them. In short, what's new in the cms-seo component and cms-cms-module-form2.

cms-seo and cms-cms-module-form2 are components that are installed on all sites compiled on skeeks cms.


Counter codes now automatically appear in the page code. Even if the developer forgot to display the \ Yii :: $ app-> seo-> countersContent variable in the template.

The same module seo, now able to save utm tags in the session automatically. For further use.

\ Yii :: $ app-> seo-> utms - this is how you can get utm tags for the current user.


Accordingly, this module, managed to respond to the seo module, and reads information about the utm tags and sends them in a letter, as well as saves them to the database

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