The correct robots.txt for SkeekS CMS (Yii2)

The correct robots.txt for SkeekS CMS (Yii2)

At the time of launching the site you need to check the presence and contents of the robots.txt file

This file contains rules for search engines about what can be indexed (crawled) on your site, and what is not.

So for SkeekS CMS (Yii2) the correct default file looks like this:

User-agent: * Disallow: /~* Host: skeeks.com Sitemap: http://skeeks.com/sitemap.xml 

Instead of skeeks.com - the name of your site.

1) The easiest most frequent option

Suitable for most sites:

Go to the administration system at Content -> File Manager -> Root

Edit it

Paste content and save

Based on the SkeekS CMS platform, it is possible to build a portal (many sites in one), respectively, in this case, each of the domains needs its own robots.txt file and we will write later on how to do this in the CMS.

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