Press Release SkeekS CMS 2.0.0.rc3

Press Release SkeekS CMS 2.0.0.rc3
  • Added control of the start and end of element activity
  • Fix the problem http://git.skeeks.com/skeeks/cms/issues/2
  • Rearrange items in edit forms for items and sections
  • Added to the management of service information management date of completion of the publication.
  • Bug fixes in ContentElementsCmsWidget widget
  • The date and time selection element does not work correctly. Fixed updated library.
  • Added the ability to edit robots.txt through the admin panel (Settings -> Seo -> Indexing -> robots.txt)
  • New form element ComboTextWidget
  • Ckeditor remove depricated property
  • Separate tabs announcement and full description, in sections and elements
  • Added dependency on skeeks / yii2-widget-codemirror package
  • Added the ability to edit the url code for sections
  • Authorization through social networks.
  • Added data for users. Who added the user, who changed his information.
  • Refinement ValidateRulesTrait.
  • The error in TreeMenuCmsWidget has been fixed.
  • New widget SitesCmsWidget - allows you to display a list of sites.
  • Updated widget ContentElementsCmsWidget - added accounting for nested sections.
  • Fixed a tree editing bug with multisite.
  • Cache config files. Now it also depends on APP_DIR
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