Press Release SkeekS CMS 2.0.0.rc4

Press Release SkeekS CMS 2.0.0.rc4
  • Fixed admin bread breadcrumbs
  • Accounting for admin action priorities
  • Recycling related properties of elements and sections
  • Completion of related properties
  • Fixed bug when saving related properties to elements and sections
  • Convenient management of content settings
  • Change the file manager icon in the admin panel
  • Revision of bread crumbs in admin panel, revision title
  • The basic component of sitemap.xml generation is implemented, available by default at /sitemap.xml
  • Added recording of record activity time in ContentElementsCmsWidget widget
  • Increase the length of the site code to 15 characters
  • Refinement of the block of tools, change in appearance
  • Added new global constant BACKUP_DIR
  • Development of the first version of database backups
  • The project version is in the VERSION file.
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