Example of creating a site on SkeekS CMS (video)

Example of creating a site on SkeekS CMS (video)

Real video, real site development on SkeekS CMS. Our not very complete documentation, not yet brought to the point where you can read it and understand everything. And there are more and more questions. And the poem in the near future is planned to make a series of videos, the real process of developing sites.

Videos can be boring, without music, but we hope they will be useful!

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добрый вечер.
после установки сайта по шаблону smarty возникает ошибка на frontend/web:
Invalid Parameter – yii\base\InvalidParamException
Invalid path alias: @skeeks/cms/agent/messages

как можно исправить и продвинуться дальше?
Игорь Фандюхин
Решили как-то проблему??
Она по прежнему проявляется?