Release SkeekS CMS 2.0.13

A good big release, a strong worked out administrative part of the system:

  • Sort in the admin menu
  • The multi-level menu in the administrative part
  • Additional access settings in the settings.
  • Access control made in the settings. Everything has become more understandable.
  • Listening to role management mechanism
  • New privilege management widget
  • Small refactoring, removal of information blocks and static blocks
  • Ability to select the color to highlight the frame of the inserted components and widgets on the page in edit mode.
  • Control the code generator through the admin panel.
  • Debug control through admin panel.
  • Supplementing user profile data when logging in via social networks
  • Authorization by vk
  • Authorization through social networks, configured through the admin panel.
  • Correction of bugs with social authorization
  • Management of social profiles in the administrative part
  • Removed a fatal error when editing additional element properties.
  • New pagination settings for content items
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