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Packagist: skeeks/yii2-template-cube-admin



Type of: Компонент

Cube Bootstrap Admin Theme + AngularJS

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Either run

php composer.phar require skeeks/yii2-template-cube-admin "*"

or add

"skeeks/yii2-template-cube-admin": "*"


About the connection and use of this template, see here:


SkeekS CMS (Yii2) — fast, simple, effective! | |

How to connect the template to the project at Yii2 framework.

In the modern world, as a basis for any web project, most often, one of the ready-made templates is chosen. Next, we will discuss how conveniently to connect this template to the project on the yii2 framework. How to update it. How to use one template in different projects.


Процесс разработки.


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Стандартная установка:

Добавьте composer.json файл вашего проекта:

"skeeks/yii2-template-cube-admin": "*"

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