Lanzamiento de SkeekS CMS (Yii2 CMS) 3.0.0

Lanzamiento de SkeekS CMS (Yii2 CMS) 3.0.0

En esta versión, reescribieron muchos de los CMS. Piezas enteras separadas de su autoexpansión individual. Sólo una funcionalidad ligeramente ampliada, apareció filtros configurables de manera flexible para sí mismos.

In this release, rewritten many of the CMS. Whole pieces separated from her individual self-expansion. Just slightly expanded functionality, appeared filters flexibly configurable individulno for themselves.



  • Stable release


  • Revision filters
  • Fixed bugs


  • Revision filters
  • Loading forms with default values
  • Adding filters in admin
  • Changes in compoWidget
  • Added phone Mask
  • Fixed admin bug
  • Fixed a serious bug


  • mihaildev/yii2-elfinder: 1.1.3


  • Changes in UrlHelper::construct();


  • Updated CmsAccessControl


  • Fixed a critical bug for downloading files by unauthorized users
  • Removed @admin/views


  • Fix bugs cluster local
  • Changed dependence composer


  • Rewrote the logic configuration files download
  • To use \Yii::$app->langugae
  • Removed rbac. In a separate package skeeks/cms-rbac
  • Removed skeeks\cms\helpers\Request
  • Begain using kartik-v/yii2-datecontrol
  • Changed menu
  • Removed ssh. In a separate package skeeks/cms-ssh-console
  • Removed yiisoft/yii2-swiftmailer dependency
  • Removed skeeks/cms/base/Module
  • Removed dbDump. In a separate package skeeks/cms-db-dumper
  • Removed marketplace. In a separate package skeeks/cms-marketplace
  • Cancel use cms base controller
  • Fixed email submit and templates
  • Removed mailer. In a separate package skeeks/cms-mailer
  • Fixed set unsafe attributes in the base component
  • Removed global const BACKUP_DIR
  • Removed global const COMMON_RUNTIME_DIR
  • Removed global const APP_DIR
  • Removed global const SKEEKS_DIR
  • Removed global const GETENV_POSSIBLE_NAMES
  • Removed global const ENABLED_MODULES_CONF
  • Removed mailer. In a separate package skeeks/cms-mailer
  • Removed Cms::moduleCms()
  • Removed Cms::moduleAdmin()
  • Removed templates. In a separate package skeeks/cms-view
  • Configs updated
  • Removed admin. In a separate package skeeks/cms-admin
  • Removed AdminController::EVENT_INIT
  • Renamed i18N component
  • Removed agents. In a separate package skeeks/cms-agent
  • Removed class ConnectToDbForm
  • Removed class DbDsnHelper
  • Removed StatusColumn class
  • Fixed serious bug not allowing to use configuration files function. For example: on beforeRequest => function ($e){};
  • Removed captcha
  • Removed class skeeks\cms\base\console\Controller
  • Removed authclient. In a separate package skeeks/cms-authclient
  • Change component connect admin menu
  • Removed http auth
  • Removed DescriptionFullColumn, DescriptionShortColumn
  • Removed _ide/_back
  • Removed seo. In a separate package skeeks/cms-seo
  • Removed some settings in seo component
  • Rewritten classes urlRules


  • i18n update
  • Removed cmsSearch. In a separate package skeeks/cms-search
  • Remove the old properties of CMS components
  • Agent Management Settings moved to the config
  • \Yii::setAlias(‘template’, ‘@app/views/’); is removed
  • Correcting typos


  • Removed is deprecated
  • Rewritten cmsToolbar
  • Rewritten view actions
  • Removed I18NDb. In a separate package skeeks/cms-i18n-db
  • Disabled event ADMIN_READY
  • Updated translation functionality
  • Removed columns files_depricated in cms_tree and cms_content_element
  • Completely rewritten mechanism of personal user cabinet
  • Remove the old classes
  • Sitemap updated
  • Removed UserAction
  • Closed personal user profiles!
  • Removed skeeks\cms\models\TreeMenu
  • Rewrite admin actions
  • Removed skeeks\cms\modules\admin\actions\modelEditor\AdminOneModelSystemAction

If you are using a personal user account, add the templates \frontend\templates\default\modules\cms\user\edit.php

/* @var $this       yii\web\View */
/* @var $context    \frontend\controllers\UserController */
/* @var $model      common\models\User */

$context = $this->context;
$model = $context->user;

If you use an alias template, mount it in bootstrap:

'on beforeRequest' => function ($event) {
     \Yii::setAlias('template', '@app/views');

Configurate view

'view' => [
            'theme' =>
                'pathMap'       =>
                    '@app/views' =>


Auth client

<?= yii\authclient\widgets\AuthChoice::widget([
                 'baseAuthUrl'  => ['/authclient/auth/client'],
                 'popupMode'    => true,
            ]) ?>
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