Sortie de SkeekS CMS (Yii2 CMS) 3.0.0

Sortie de SkeekS CMS (Yii2 CMS) 3.0.0

Dans cette version, beaucoup de réécriture du CMS. Des morceaux entiers séparés de son auto-expansion individuelle. Juste une fonctionnalité légèrement élargie, apparaissent des filtres configurables de manière flexible individuellement pour eux-mêmes.

In this release, rewritten many of the CMS. Whole pieces separated from her individual self-expansion. Just slightly expanded functionality, appeared filters flexibly configurable individulno for themselves.



  • Stable release


  • Revision filters
  • Fixed bugs


  • Revision filters
  • Loading forms with default values
  • Adding filters in admin
  • Changes in compoWidget
  • Added phone Mask
  • Fixed admin bug
  • Fixed a serious bug


  • mihaildev/yii2-elfinder: 1.1.3


  • Changes in UrlHelper::construct();


  • Updated CmsAccessControl


  • Fixed a critical bug for downloading files by unauthorized users
  • Removed @admin/views


  • Fix bugs cluster local
  • Changed dependence composer


  • Rewrote the logic configuration files download
  • To use \Yii::$app->langugae
  • Removed rbac. In a separate package skeeks/cms-rbac
  • Removed skeeks\cms\helpers\Request
  • Begain using kartik-v/yii2-datecontrol
  • Changed menu
  • Removed ssh. In a separate package skeeks/cms-ssh-console
  • Removed yiisoft/yii2-swiftmailer dependency
  • Removed skeeks/cms/base/Module
  • Removed dbDump. In a separate package skeeks/cms-db-dumper
  • Removed marketplace. In a separate package skeeks/cms-marketplace
  • Cancel use cms base controller
  • Fixed email submit and templates
  • Removed mailer. In a separate package skeeks/cms-mailer
  • Fixed set unsafe attributes in the base component
  • Removed global const BACKUP_DIR
  • Removed global const COMMON_RUNTIME_DIR
  • Removed global const APP_DIR
  • Removed global const SKEEKS_DIR
  • Removed global const GETENV_POSSIBLE_NAMES
  • Removed global const ENABLED_MODULES_CONF
  • Removed mailer. In a separate package skeeks/cms-mailer
  • Removed Cms::moduleCms()
  • Removed Cms::moduleAdmin()
  • Removed templates. In a separate package skeeks/cms-view
  • Configs updated
  • Removed admin. In a separate package skeeks/cms-admin
  • Removed AdminController::EVENT_INIT
  • Renamed i18N component
  • Removed agents. In a separate package skeeks/cms-agent
  • Removed class ConnectToDbForm
  • Removed class DbDsnHelper
  • Removed StatusColumn class
  • Fixed serious bug not allowing to use configuration files function. For example: on beforeRequest => function ($e){};
  • Removed captcha
  • Removed class skeeks\cms\base\console\Controller
  • Removed authclient. In a separate package skeeks/cms-authclient
  • Change component connect admin menu
  • Removed http auth
  • Removed DescriptionFullColumn, DescriptionShortColumn
  • Removed _ide/_back
  • Removed seo. In a separate package skeeks/cms-seo
  • Removed some settings in seo component
  • Rewritten classes urlRules


  • i18n update
  • Removed cmsSearch. In a separate package skeeks/cms-search
  • Remove the old properties of CMS components
  • Agent Management Settings moved to the config
  • \Yii::setAlias(‘template’, ‘@app/views/’); is removed
  • Correcting typos


  • Removed is deprecated
  • Rewritten cmsToolbar
  • Rewritten view actions
  • Removed I18NDb. In a separate package skeeks/cms-i18n-db
  • Disabled event ADMIN_READY
  • Updated translation functionality
  • Removed columns files_depricated in cms_tree and cms_content_element
  • Completely rewritten mechanism of personal user cabinet
  • Remove the old classes
  • Sitemap updated
  • Removed UserAction
  • Closed personal user profiles!
  • Removed skeeks\cms\models\TreeMenu
  • Rewrite admin actions
  • Removed skeeks\cms\modules\admin\actions\modelEditor\AdminOneModelSystemAction

If you are using a personal user account, add the templates \frontend\templates\default\modules\cms\user\edit.php

/* @var $this       yii\web\View */
/* @var $context    \frontend\controllers\UserController */
/* @var $model      common\models\User */

$context = $this->context;
$model = $context->user;

If you use an alias template, mount it in bootstrap:

'on beforeRequest' => function ($event) {
     \Yii::setAlias('template', '@app/views');

Configurate view

'view' => [
            'theme' =>
                'pathMap'       =>
                    '@app/views' =>


Auth client

<?= yii\authclient\widgets\AuthChoice::widget([
                 'baseAuthUrl'  => ['/authclient/auth/client'],
                 'popupMode'    => true,
            ]) ?>
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